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Faglig tyngde og høy servicegrad

Ro Sommernes is a middle-sized law firm located in Oslo. The firm is ranked by Legal 500 as the leading firm in Norway within insolvency, bankruptcy and restructuring law. We provide broad assistance within various areas of business law such as transactions and corporate, real estate and construction law, litigation, family law and inheritance, employment law, information technology and media.

We always put our client’s interests first and our goal is to provide our clients with high quality legal advice that serves our client’s best interests. It is important that all legal advice improves the client’s platform for a successful business. In order to achieve this, we believe that it is important to ensure personalized client contact so that the client may have a personal relation to his or her lawyer.

Furthermore, we consider it important to have comprehension with the clients’ business, so that we do not become passive advisors on the legal area. We want to find constructive solutions to our clients' problems, rather than informing about legal limitations. We strive to deliver the best solution for each individual client.


Ro Sommernes was established by Knut Ro and Ståle Sommernes in 1993.

From 1993 the firm has had an even growth. Today we have 44 employees of which 14 are partners.

Previously the firm was operated from offices in Øvre Slottsgt. 12B. Gradually it became necessary to move into a larger office space and we moved to Roald Amundsens gate 6. Today we are situated in Fridtjof Nansens plass 7 in the city centre of Oslo.

The firm is managed by the board of directors.

Henrik A. Christensen is managing partner. 


Our consultancy business is subject to ethical regulations such as rules regarding the code of ethics for lawyers. All of our lawyers are members of the Norwegian Bar Association.

The purpose behind the rules regarding the code of ethics for lawyers is to ensure that a law firm is operated in accordance with ethical principles that are a foundation for a lawyer's work in every civilized society.

Clients may give their lawyer information that the lawyer is obligated not to share further. A lawyer’s duty to handle information confidentially is necessary to maintain trust towards the client and is therefore a fundamental and superior right and duty for a lawyer. A lawyer has an obligation to further the client’s best interests.

The rules regarding the code of ethics for lawyers are enforced through the disciplinary committee which is a part of the Norwegian Bar Association. A complaint concerning a lawyer's breach of the code of ethics for lawyers can be proposed before the Norwegian Bar Associations Disciplinary Committee. Decisions made by the Disciplinary Committee can be complained to the Disciplinary Tribunal.

The Board

The board of directors consists of the following 5 members whereas Henrik A. Christensen is managing partner:


The Norwegian Bar Association made a decision in 2004 to instruct all law firms to give an acceptance of the assignment. This acceptance will first of all ensure the client's interests and give clarity regarding the assignment's extent. All our clients will receive an acceptance of the assignment when there is established a client relationship.

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