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Dato: 26.05.2015

Ro Sommernes opprettholder tidligere rankinger og får meget positive tilbakemeldinger.


Band 1 |      Ro Sommernes Advokatfirma DA

Basic facts about the department
- 5 partners
- 13 other qualified lawyers

What the team is known for Exceptional practice with broad expertise. Highly regarded for bankruptcy administration, debt recovery and restructuring. Experienced in liquidation. Focuses on the construction, retail, real estate and technology sectors.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"You're always in extremely great hands and fairly treated when it's handling a matter. The lawyers have an excellent grasp of the legislation and are expedient in coming to conclusions."

"The number-one firm in this area."

"It stands out as a very skilled insolvency firm."

Work highlights Appointed as trustee in the NOK5 billion bankruptcy of Petromena.

Appointed as trustee in the NOK2.8 billion bankruptcy of Thule Drilling.

Notable practitioners  

Knut Ro is "a top-notch guy, with a very on-the-mark and no-nonsense approach," say sources. He is an expert in all aspects of insolvency law, and was appointed as trustee for the NOK5 billion bankruptcy of Petromena.

Håvard Wiker focuses primarily on restructuring, debt negotiation and enforcement, and is also noted for his expertise in bankruptcy administration. Sources say: "You always reach a solution with him - he's not conflict-shy but very pragmatic."

Erik Sandtrø is a "well-reputed, up-and-coming lawyer," who is noted for his insolvency litigation expertise. He is an experienced liquidator and bankruptcy administrator.

Significant clients Casting Technology Farsund, Notabene Holding, Hunsfos Fabrikker, Roar Paulsrud, FPS Ocean.



Band 3 |      Ro Sommernes Advokatfirma DA

Basic facts about the department
- 6 partners
- 6 other qualified lawyers

What the team is known for Active across a broad range of matters, including property disputes and transactions. Assists owners, investors and developers on construction projects and is also looked to for expert advice on rent, regulatory and registration issues.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

"It's good at finding solutions and at not putting excessive hours into it. Always available when we need it and we feel we have priority when there's a situation."

"It's super. Well informed on market trends and extremely focused on getting transactions through."

Work highlights Advised Home Capital on its SEK1.7 million purchase of three hotels in Stockholm and Copenhagen from First Hotels. 

Acted for Fram Eiendom on its NOK975 million purchase of a real estate company with a portfolio including a landmark property in Oslo.

Notable practitioners  

Henrik Christensen is expert in commercial property acquisitions, particularly hotels and shopping centres. He recently advised Anker Properties on its NOK600 million purchase of five hotels in Norway.

Nils Petter Hansson is commended for his knowledge of commercial sale and purchase transactions and real estate litigation. Sources confirm that he "understood our needs and what we were looking for. He did an excellent job."


Significant clients Romerike Utvikling, Fellesforbundet, Stiftelsen Anker Studentboliger, Home Properties, Sektor Gruppen. 




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