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Niels Kristian Axelsen graduated from University of Oslo in 1996 with a Master of law. He achieved the degree Doctor of Laws, LL.D the same place in 2007.

Axelsen has his own legal practice, sharing offices with Ro Sommernes advokatfirma DA. 

Niels Kristian Axelsen works with cases relating to real estate and construction, transactions, advisory service relating to securities trading and set of problems within compliance (insider trading, market abuse, and laundering) and civil proceedings.

Niels Kristian Axelsen has been holding lectures for Estate, the Associates Education Centre, The Finance Industry Central Federation, the Bankruptcy Council, the Directorate of Taxes and others. The subject of his doctoral theses at the faculty of law in Oslo was the criminal regulation of insider trading, manipulation of the market and laundering connected to intermediary activity.

Axelsen has earlier worked as a legal researcher at the Faculty of law in Oslo, where he wrote his doctor´s degree. He has worked as an attorney from 2007 and got his practicing certificate in 2008. Axelsen was partner in Ro Sommernes from 2012 to 2017.  

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