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Trond Kvisgaard graduated from the University of Oslo in 2000 with a Master of law. Kvisgaard has also studied at London School of Economics and Political Science. 

Trond Kvisgaard was employed as senior attorney in Ro Sommernes in 2013. Kvisgaard received his practicing certificate in 2003.

Trond Kvisgaard works with general business law focusing primarily on corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, transactions, securities, stocks, real estate and contracts.

Kvisgaard has previously worked as an associate at the law firm Advokatfirma Wiersholm AS and as legal counsel at Norlandia Care AS and CG Holding AS. He has also had his own legal practice. 


"Green leases" in Estate Lokaler nr. 5 june 2015 by Niels Kristian Axelsen og Trond Kvisgaard.

"Tenants Term Sheet" in Estate Lokaler nr. 7 august 2015 by Niels Kristian Axelsen og Trond Kvisgaard.

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