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Hanne Birkelund graduated from the University of Bergen in 2008 with a Master of law.

Birkelund was employed as an associate in Ro Sommernes in June 2008, as attorney in 2012 and as senior attorney in 2017. Birkelund received her practicing certificate in 2010.

Birkelund works with general business law focusing primarily on real estate, contracts and litigation.

Birkelund has previously worked as an ecternal examinor and as supervisor for study groups at the Faculty of Law in Bergen, and as trainee in a Bergen-based law firm. 


"Fairness Censorship of Cancellation Fee Injury to Home Buyer?", Published in the Journal of Proprietary Rights No. 2/2010 Grade 6

"In-house procurement: To what extent may public authorities organize themselves in stock companies and subsequently award these companies contracts with a prior prior tender?", Published at www.nho.no

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