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After graduating LL. B. (Hons) from the University of Glasgow in 1989, Lynne Skajaa qualified as Solicitor (Scotland in 1991/England & Wales in 1994). She has held a Norwegian practising certificate since 2000 and graduated LL.M. (Distinction) in Maritime Law from the University of Southampton in 2003.

Skajaa joined the firm as partner January 1, 2018.

She has previous private practice experience from Wiersholm in Norway and law firms in the UK and Stockholm. Other former roles include legal counsel for Nevion Europe AS and Tandberg Television Limited and law lecturer at the University of Southampton.  

Skajaa is an internationally experienced commercial and contracts lawyer, specializing in the shipping, offshore and technology markets. She has extensive experience advising on complex cross-border commercial contracts as well as asset, project and equity finance. 

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