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Håvard Wiker graduated from the University of Oslo in 1992 with a Master of law.

Wiker was employed as an associate in Ro Sommernes in 1993, and joined the firm as partner from 1996.

Wiker works with general business law focusing primarily on crisis commitments, restructuring, debt negotiations and bankruptcy. He is the head of our company's department of insolvency and restructuring. Wiker is on a regular basis appointed as trustee from the Probate and Bankruptcy Courts in Norway. 

Håvard Wiker is head of the Norwegian Law Association's law committee for bankruptcy, composition, mortgage, enforcement and debt collection.


Håvard Wiker and Knut Ro: Commentary on the Bankruptcy Act, Universitetsforlaget (2003)

Co-author in Norwegian legal commentary on the Bankruptcy Act, Recovery Act and Wage guarantee Act.

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