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Håkon Ustaheim graduated from the University of Bergen and the University of Oslo in 1995 with a Master of law.

Ustaheim was employed by Ro Sommernes as an associate in 1995 and as an attorney in 1999. He received his practicing certificate in 1997. In 2003, he entered the firm as partner. From 2008, Ustaheim has been entitled to appear before the Supreme Court. 

Ustaheim works with general business law, focusing primarily on contractual issues and disputes, including property law, contract law, failure cases for unions or purchase, sale, rent of housing and commercial buildings as well as bankruptcy and debt settlement. Ustaheim regularly litigates in courts and acts as arbitrator.


"Compensation for lost volume of sales in case of cancellation and termination. Supreme Court judgment in Rt. 2003, p. 486" in Law and Judgment No. 10, 2003.

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