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Ro Sommernes top ranked by Chambers Europe

In April 2017, the rankings of Chambers Europe were released. Chambers and Partners is a recognized legal rating agency that annually ranks awyers and law firms based on thorough investigations. Chambers and Partners ranks law firms in Bands from 1 to 6, where 1 is best. The ranking is based on corporate legal skills, professional behavior, client management, commercial capabilities, thoroughness, dedication and other qualities that are considered important to clients. Ro Sommernes law firm has for several years been in the top level in terms of insolvency and restructuring, and was also ranked among the best in the country in this field of expertise in 2017. In addition, Knut RoErik Sandtrø and Håvard Wiker were highlighted as particularly skilled in insolvency and restructuring. Knut Ro was also given an individual top ranking of Chambers.

The firm's department of real estate and two of it's partners were also highlighted by Chambers. Our real estate team is acknowledged for its personal qualities, as well as being skilled lawyers: "They are great lawyers, with the added bonus that on a personal level they are fantastic guys to work with." And further: "They are focused on the transactions rather than themselves. They always offer us pragmatic advice." Partner Henrik Christensen is particularly recommended by his clients for his expertise in real estate and Chambers has added the following statement from a client: "We trust him with high-level real estate transactions." Partner Nils Petter Hansson is described as a "good lawyer who is technically able and a real estate specialist ". We appreciate the feedback and recognition from our clients, and let it serve as inspiration.

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