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Ro Sommernes assists Blue Energy

Ro Sommernes has assisted with the purchase of the shares in Blue Energy AS (formerly St1 Norge Automat AS).

Ro Sommernes has represented the Green Cube Group through Blue Energy Holding AS’ purchase of shares in Blue Energy AS, from the Finish company ST1 Nordic Oy.

Ro Sommernes har assisted with the process regarding approval of the transaction with the Norwegian competition authorities and with the accomplishment and financing of the share purchase. Ro Sommernes' assistance has i.a. been related to the preparation of and entrance into the share purchase agreement between the parties, the establishment of financing agreements, the making of necessary corporate documents and with comprehensive efforts towards the Norwegian Competition Authority and the Ministry for Trade, Industry and Fisheries for the approval of the transaction.

The target company has now changed name to Blue Energy AS and will, pursuant to decisions from the Norwegian competition authorities, strive to be a competative and price reducing participant in the Norwegian gas station market. On closing, the company will operate 38 unmanned gas stations.

Ro Sommernes' team on transactions and corporate law frequently assists clients with selling and buying of companies, i.a. with the preparation of share purchase agreements, corporate documents etc. In addition, we offer extensive counselling regarding such transactions, contribute with negotiations and with commersial advice in complex transactions and company structures.

Participants from the transactions and corporate team were Nils Holger KoefoedHenrik Hareide NilsenOle Johan StensliTuva Wolff Eikrem og Håkon Hellerud.

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