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Ro Sommernes assists Aurora Eiendom AS

Ro Sommernes has assisted Aurora Eiendom AS with another acquisition of a shopping centre from Steen & Strøm AS / Klépierre. The shopping centre is Farmanstredet in Tønsberg, which consists of 85 shops distributed on 28.300 square meters with approximately NOK 100 million in annually rental income. The turnover in 2020 was approximately NOK 1,3 billion.

The shopping centre will be the fifth in the bond portfolio of Aurora Eiendom AS. The company bought four additional malls in June: Vinterbro outside of Oslo, Amanda in Haugesund, Nerstranda in Tromsø, and Nordbyen in Larvik, which in 2020 had a total turnover on approximately NOK 3,2 billion.

Aurora Eiendom was established by the anchor investors Stordalen, Johannson, Varner and Løseth, and several investors like Ringnes have become shareholders through Eiendomsspar.

Our assistance included structuring the company, negotiations and agreements on acquisitions of real estate companies, issues and loan agreements, due diligence of the target companies and general corporate law assistance throughout the process.

The team consisted of Henrik A. Christensen, Erik Sandtrø, Trond Kvisgaard, Ole Johan Stensli, Katinka Wikborg, Katja Foss Kløve, Sissil Andersen, Mikkel Sandvold og Mads Galtung.




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