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Shipping, offshore and finance

Our lawyers advise and assist vessel and rig owners, yards, financial institutions, borrowers and other companies in the shipping and offshore sector, with a broad range of commercial and legal issues relating to shipping, offshore and financing.

We assist with a range of services relating to shipping and offshore, both in Norway and internationally. Our lawyers offer expert legal advice and assistance with commercial contracts, financing, corporate matters, structuring and restructuring, M&A and due diligence. We also assist with dispute resolution.

The firm is renowned for its expertise in respect of insolvency and restructuring and our lawyers regularly participate in assisting with major restructuring or bankruptcy proceedings within the shipping and offshore sector.

With this combination of interdisciplinary expertise, Rosom offers expert commercial and legal advice to clients in these markets.

Our banking and finance team has extensive experience advising on loan and bond finance. 


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Erling Lind

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