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Ro Sommernes are a subject to the Norwegian Bar Association and must therefore follow their salary policy.

This means that our rates are based on the time accrued for the assignment, the type and complexity of the matter, the values involved, the result achieved, particular deadlines as well as the experience and expertise of the involved lawyers. However, accrued time and the man-hour rate do not alone give a foundation of what the salary calculation is.

Our guiding man-hour rates listed in NOK (ex. vat) are from 01.01.2020:

Associates: from 1800 to 2500
Senior associates: from 2500 to 3000
Senior lawyers: from 2900 to 3300
Partners: from 4000 to 5000


Consumers will be charged a rate including vat.:

Associates: from 2250 to 3125
Senior associates: from 3125 to 3750
Senior lawyers: from 3625 to 4125
Partners: from 5000 to 6250


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